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Play Group

Colours provides practical and hands on exploration to meet Toddler's needs.


Joyful Learners

These are Magical years,hence we encourage them with activities related to fine and gross motor development.


Colours Juniors

Juniors are questioners and discoverers Colours helps their curious minds with material to work in groups.


Colours Seniors

Seniors are ready to master new skills and news tasks. We are ready to challenge them with projects, music, role play and dramatisation

Colours Curriculum
Colours Advantage
Colours Centers

Colours is a structured Curriculum that has been designed and developed based on Early Childhood Education (ECE) and NCERT guidelines. The curriculum helps children to acquire a strong foundation needed for future success.


We at Tiny Treasures feel proud to have Colours as our Academic Partners. The Curriculum is beautifully designed and meets the expectations of Children and Teachers. It is a cognitive, constructivist curriculum with emphasis on active child-centered learning experiences. Curriculum is planned around children's interests, curiosity and their natural quest for knowledge; leading to inquiry, investigations, discovery and active hands-on explorations. This is further complemented by an interactive, hands-on skills-based curriculum; all of which are designed to cater for process-oriented learning and the acquisition of knowledge, concepts and skills for the preschoolers.Phonics and Pre-Math activities are the most joyful part of the curriculum.

Ms. Nasreen Taj Principal -,Tiny Treasures,Davangere.

Colours Curriculum Program, particularly the Language Development module implemented by PFLA has been exceptionally good and our children have benefited from it immensely. In a span of 3 months, we could observe the changes in children and they have started to develop English language well and converse. That was a surprise to many parents also. Their motivation to speak in English and the way they started to wish everyone in the morning is awesome.Many parents have expressed during the PTMs that their children used to cry in the morning to come to Schools and the same children are happy now to come to Schools. PFLA’s approach, training, methodology and passion and professionalism to help improve our quality of Education is what we loved. We wish them a great success ahead.

Ms.Shilpa Coordinator,SIS,Bengaluru

It has been my childhood dream to own a preschool and provide the modern methods of education for 21st century learners. I was looking for a curriculum which is simple, comprehensive, structured and child-friendly. Colours curriculum has given me a complete program which helps over all development of a child that is unique, I must add. I am grateful to PFLA for their advice, guidance & support, help in recruiting teachers and continuous training and support to develop our school.

Prema Founder,Sunflower,Bengaluru

We started off by running a small day-care at my home. Kids and parents were equally happy. It all worked well. We soon grew into a reputed day-care. It was then that the idea of a Pre-school dawned upon me. I was introduced to PFLA Colours. There, I met two wonderful people - Ms. Nalina Murthy and Mr. Varada Murthy- who guided me, in my every step. I underwent their ITTC training - a must for every aspiring teacher- where I learnt more about Early Childhood Education and was highly motivated into starting my own school. I feel proud when I look back into how little everything was when it had started and am very happy the way our School is progressing.

Shylaja R Founder,VARNAM ,Pre-School

The curriculum has given an opportunity to harness the innate potential of our children. The activity based teaching has created interest and love for learning for everyone. Parent community are immensely happy and appreciated the learning curve in children.

Poornima Principal, Vishveshwaraiah Public School,Hassan
Our Founders

Special Educator | Counsellor | Curriculum Development | Director at PFLA

Nalina Murthy

Educator | Entrepreneur | Leadership & Success Coach | Founder PFLA

Varada Murthy K. S.

Awards & Accolades
  • Future of India Award for Business excellence under “Quality in Leadership Excellence”
  • Featured in Scoonews, a leading School based Magazine as one of the top 50 Edu start-ups that will Redefine Education system.
  • Outstanding Women Educator Award to Nalina Murthy, Program Director
  • Global Fellowship and Karmaveer Award to its Founder
  • Entrepreneurial Excellence Award to its Founder
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